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Whats the best way to check on the strength of a structure if theres reasonable cause for concern?

One method that proves without doubt if a structure is weak is a proof load test thats designed to establish the integrity of a structure or a mechanism. Specialist structural testing provides pinpoint information about the loads that are being placed upon floors, walls, bridges or heavy items of plant. Its accurate, its affordable and it provides detailed data about the pressure thats being placed upon the subject matter. Whether you are performing safety tests or want to use a proof load test as part of critical monitoring, this steadfast solution can provide essential answers.

How do you perform the proof load test? With the help of professional practitioners; contact experts in dynamic load testing. They offer a variety of structural testing for their customers and will be more than happy to conduct a proof load test on your particular project.

Can it take the strain?

Theres only one way to find out. Bring in the experts. Let them perform a proof load test to check the movement within the structure. Depending on the projects the proof load test can be completed in a variety of ways. Faced with a proof load test of a bridge engineers will more than likely use commercial vehicles to generate live loads. Data is provided through essential equipment like strain gauges or displacement monitors which accurately record movement within the main structure.

Live loads are suitable for a proof test load on a bridge but what happens when you want to test floors or roof sections? Other methods are used in these scenarios that prove to be just as effective.

Bring on the water

You want to establish how strong a floor section in your building is with a proof load test. Live loads are out of the question due to access issues, so what other methods are available? Water bags hold the key! These arent any old water bags though. Theyre capable of generating large loads, distributed evenly over a specific test area. Perfect for testing the integrity of a floor, water bags also work well on roofing sections when a proof load test is required.

Whatever the project might entail, sensible solutions are provided for clients that need a proof load test to validate the strength of a structure. From bridges to buildings, plant to vehicles, a proof load test provides you with answers when questions are raised about the integrity of a subject matter.