telepathy is real

Time clairvoyant visions are when the clairvoyant is able to see objects, events or scenes from the past or future. If a person wants to learn telepathy, this clairvoyant skill tends to be the one others regard as the most useful. The two types of time clairvoyant visions, past and future are somewhat different, so we will discuss the two separately.

Past time clairvoyant visions give the person the ability to see things that have happened in the near and distant past. The clairvoyant that has this ability can just as easily see things that happened 10,000 years ago as things that happened one day ago. The clairvoyant is typically able to see these past events as if they are happening at the current moment. The clairvoyant can have access to information from the past by tapping into the Akashic plane. The Akashic plane contains all the records and events of everything that has happened down to the smallest detail. Through tapping into this plane the clairvoyant is able to read or see any part of the past they wish. It does take a person with a highly evolved ability to see these types of clairvoyant visions at will. It is known that many everyday people do have clairvoyant visions of the past and are not always aware that they are seeing the past. This happens in dreams, meditative states and other circumstances, such as a crystal ball gazer.

Future time clairvoyant visions is when a person has a clairvoyant vision of something that has not happened yet. As in past clairvoyant visions the clairvoyant will see things as if they are happening right now. This is form of clairvoyant vision is considered very rare and belongs to the highly developed clairvoyant. There are those who do get flashes of the future and this is considered much more common. It is believed that future clairvoyant visions are possible because of the way time works. We perceive time as moving in a linear flow with one event coming after the next. If a person would consider a forth time dimension we would begin to see how past, future and present exist all at once. There are volumes that could be filled about this subject and the person who wants to learn telepathy should do more research on this subject.