telepathic understanding

Telepathy is one of those skills that we’ve forgotten as we’ve become modern and more sophisticated. It’s there, lurking underneath the surface, waiting for us to realize this fact and bring telepathy back into our lives.

So, how can we rediscover this sixth sense? The one that animals seem to have instinctively?

Start by being open with yourself.

If your mind is closed off, certain that only a certain outcome will happen, then it’s actually powerful enough to help cause that outcome without any help from you.

So every time you sense yourself thinking “this will never work”, banish that thought!

As the first part of the process of becoming telepathic, banishing unwanted thoughts is probably one of the hardest parts.

We tend to grip our thoughts tightly, holding on to them as though they are crutches that – if we ever allow them to stop – will send us descending into a never ending pit.

Which is out and out wrong!

Practice letting your thoughts drift through your mind as though you’re a distracted teenager. Rather than reaching out for each and every thought that passes through your mind and trapping it there.

Once you start to allow your mind to rid itself of unwanted thoughts, it will naturally become more open and that will build the foundations for developing your telepathic abilities.

After that, it’s time to learn to focus your thoughts. But not the ones that belong in the hustle and bustle of our modern lives. Instead it’s the oftentimes weaker signals that are the basis of our telepathic powers.

These are the thoughts that our modern, noisy, thoughts have overpowered. And now these telepathic thoughts should be coming through into your mind.

At first, they’re a bit like ghosts.

Flashing past your mind, they are almost invisible until you train your mind to recognize them.

You’ll then start to sense things that have eluded you since you were a child.

Probably not your invisible friend – or at least not as you remember them – but fairly close. Some people refer to this as your higher self and others call it your spirit guide.

Whatever you decide to call it – if indeed you name it at all – it’s all to do with guiding your thoughts so that you’re gradually becoming more telepathic.

Give it a try – it’s fun finding out how to get telepathic powers and exploring your hidden telepathic abilities.