telepathic impression

This trick has a terrific impact on any audience and will make people wonder if you really are telepathic! 

How It Looks To The Audience

The magician gives a spectator three books of paper matches and then turns his back to him. The magician tells the spectator to remove a match from one of the books and then close up the book again. He is not to say which book he has removed the match from. After he has done this, the magician tells him to mix the books together.

The magician then turns around and holds each matchbook to his forehead. By the power of his mind, he is able to tell the spectator which matchbook he tore the match from! Everything can be examined.

How The Trick Is Done

This a great mind reading trick and the secret is so subtle, no one will ever guess the method used. Take each matchbook and push the flap of each book in really firmly behind the striking surface. You will find that when a spectator opens a matchbook and tears out a match, he will not push the flap in as tightly as you did. This is the main secret of the trick.

So, when you turn around, you tell the spectator that you will try to use the power of your mind to find out which book he removed the match from. You then take each book between your thumb and first finger and hold it to your forehead. Your thumb should be on the flap of the matchbook and your first finger should be on the back of the book. As you bring each matchbook up to your forehead, you secretly try pushing the flap down towards the striking surface. The flap that moves slightly will be the one that he has opened.

After you have held each matchbook to your head, deliberate for a moment, and then dramatically point to the one you know the spectator has torn a match from.

This trick can be made to seem even more impossible if you close your eyes during the sequence where you are holding each matchbook to your forehead. From an audience’s point of view, there just does not seem to be any rational explanation for how the trick can be done.