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Do you suffer from headaches, allergies, mood swings or just generally not feeling great? It could be your bathroom. Many of the products in our bathroom have ingredients, which can cause all these symptoms and more. In fact, if you read all about what the chemicals in your bathroom products can do to your health and the health of your family you would probably start to feel sick.

I checked it out and it was such a horror story I now only use natural products. I make many fancy bath treatments, moisturisers, perfumes and shower gels at home from natural ingredients I find in my kitchen. They smell lovely, feel great and I have the reassurance that there are no harmful substances in them. I can tailor them to each family member’s personal taste too. The family feel special as they are pampered and indulged with their favourite scents. My friends love the gift hampers filled with their favourite bath scents and skin products. The best thing is I know nobody will be harmed from using my gifts.

If you aren’t feeling on top of the world, you should try it too. Throw away all those chemical based toiletries and make up some of your own safe products. If you’re not into the make at home thing, there are plenty of natural products available at a reasonable price. Try using natural products for a couple of weeks. Drink plenty of fresh water. Eat fresh fruit and vegetables at least daily. After a couple of weeks, see how you feel. Most people notice a difference after a couple of days. In some cases, the difference is so extreme they never want to go back to their old products.

Although there are some extremes most people just start to feel a little bit better. Anyone who feels a major change will probably have been suffering from some allergic reaction to one or more of the many mystery chemical combinations found in regular toiletry products. If you do suspect allergies, it is a good idea to be careful when using new products or changing the combination of products you use. Not all allergies show up as a rash, or whatever you suppose a reaction looks like, and some reactions can be severe. Some are so mild you don’t notice anything but you feel less than great.

Children are especially susceptible to chemicals and you should try to only use natural products for them. There are some theories that many of the behavioural problems diagnosed are really reactions to the amount of chemicals the children are exposed to everywhere these days. If you try using natural products and notice a change in your child’s behaviour, it would be worth investigating further. After all, they have found a definite relation to children’s problem behaviour and some food additives. Our skins can absorb chemicals and they go straight into our bloodstream. How many chemicals has you r child absorbed today? Go natural; don’t take chances with your child’s health.