physical telepathy

Dream Telepathy is an incredible tool to use. Like any other tool, it works best when you understand how to use it correctly.

What I find interesting is that many people are trying to use Dream Telpathy tactics to replace other real good tools such as rapport and other persuasion and communication tools.

What they don’t understand is that when they try to use Dream Telepathy without FIRST working on themselves, they accidentally communicate their own neediness and lack to those they attempt to persuade.

They think they can get an unfair advantage over others without having to put any effort in to the equation or without doing any work.

I’m not going to tell you it’s not possible to use Dream Telepathy to take advantage of others. It sure is. What’s NOT possible, however, is to get something for nothing. It just doesn’t happen.

First of all, if you don’t have basic rapport skills, or at least know how to accidentally be in rapport with the person, you won’t be able to persuade them the way you want to, even using dream telepathy techniques.

You must be able to get rapport with the person at the subjective (subconscious) level of mind.

That does NOT mean you have to like each other. People usually presuppose “liking” when they say they are in rapport with another person, however rapport means trust or demonstrating an understanding of the other person’s reality.

It’s possible to be in rapport with someone and still hate their guts.

It happens all the time. Family members who try to suppress their anger, hostility, bitterness, resentment, and yes, even hatred of others in the family for some wrongdoing, whether intentional or not.

It also happens in the workplace.

Smokers out on a smoke break might quarrel with each other in the office or not have much in common, but on that smoke break, the smokers tend to be in rapport with each other.

You’re probably not best friends with your doctor, but there is most likely some level of rapport there.

It is also possible to dislike someone AND ALSO be out of rapport.

It’s even possible to use dream telepathy even to get even with someone, as long as you have the necessary rapport to communicate with them.

The more you are able to incorporate OTHER skills such as rapport and persuasion techniques such as convincer strategies, propulsion systems, submodalities, and other skills in to your dream invader sessions, the more successful you will be.

And you still must follow through in the physical world.

For instance if you do a dream telelpathy programming to get someone to like you, you still have to go talk to the man or woman to set up the date. You still have to apply for the job in order to get hired. You still have to communicate with the client to get the new sale.

Stay tuned for even more tips on how to make dream telepathy a successful tool for you.


Jim Knippenberg