is telepathy possible

When it comes to psychic phenomena, telepathy is confirmed to be one of the areas that are highly researched. The mystery surrounding this practice is one that is awe inspiring and it has not stopped being one of the most sought after ‘practice’ as far as online extrasensory perception is concerned. Even with all these, development within the telepathy psychic abilities is said to be minimal and research has also proven that most people who are practicing in this field of ESP hardly get past “field scanning” throughout the period of their practice.

This may lead you into wondering why there are people like Wolf Messing and several others who made a name for themselves in telepathy by developing their abilities to levels that are confirmed to be extraordinary while lots of other people are still trying to find their feet in this practice. The truth is that one of the main bases of achieving greater feats in this field is a good understanding of human nature and communication. This brings up the question, what really is communication? Communication has been defined in the simplest form as the act of conveying information.

The defective understanding of most of the persons who are interested in knowing how to become psychic is the notion that communication has anything to do with words. It has been confirmed that just 7% of our communication has anything to do with WHAT words we say, 38% on HOW we say such words and the highest percentage, 55% having to do our body language. Now that you know this information, let’s make out time and reevaluate how telepathy is approached by most persons. It would be worthy to note that telepathy is all about mind to mind communication through a means other than the known five means of communication, the Sixth sense.

You should also know that in trying to develop telepathy, you are trying to develop the ability to send across messages without even opening your mouth to say a word. Do you believe that you do this everyday without even taking notice of it? For example, you just met somebody for the first time and from the signals you pick from that person, you are able to access him or her and pass your judgment of that person within a few seconds or minutes of meeting such person. Re-evaluating telepathy all starts with understanding the fact that you can actually communicate without speaking a word, just through body language and signals.

In order to understand what communication involves, you should know that repeating a word over and over again and trying to rudely “will” such thought into another person’s mind is the most ineffective way of developing your telepathy skills. Why don’t you start by utilizing what you understand now about communication to your own advantage? Let it serve as a wake up call, even though it might be frustrating to know that you have been approaching telepathy from the wrong end over the years. It is of utmost importance to understand yourself and also know what words and what does not, as far as telepathy is concerned.