How To Do Telepathy

Do you have telepathy? Yes, it is believed that everyone does have telepathy but how to use telepathy in your everyday live may be something most people have never even considered as a possibility. The ability to use telepathy is something that just needs to be developed as one of your talents. There are certain areas of the brain that hold your natural telepathy gifts and it will take exercises to unleash this talent. Don’t be afraid, they are not difficult.

Your first step is to believe that you have the ability to be telepathic. If you are having doubts then you are building a wall that will not allow you to release your talents. The second step is to ask a relative or friend who also believes in this ability to center on an object or a photo. Then you will try to see what they are seeing by focusing on them. To make this easier, select something that will be emotional for them to look at that brings up strong feelings for them. This makes the signal between the two of you stronger and easier to see.

Now, step three is to relax and not be trying too hard to pick up their feeling. The idea is to leave you mind open and receptive so concentrating really makes it harder to see or feel their signals. You will want to do this where there are no distractions like TV or stereo or ringing phones. These will break your focus.

It helps to record anything that comes through so have paper handy to write down any words that you see or draw any images that come through. Once you have this recorded, you can analyze what you felt and any kind of image that you saw. This will probably not be exact or even make good sense to you at first but with some practice you will be able to easily understand and interpret your own impressions with ease.

In the beginning you will need to remove any objects that are made of natural stone or wood and do not wear any jewelry while practicing. How to use telepathy is not difficult and can be useful in your everyday life once you develop your talent so it becomes second nature. It just takes practice and belief in your own ability.